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Under the leadership of Food Services Director Dawn McCarroll (since 2007), our kitchen and dining teams take great pride in using fresh ingredients to craft delicious and nutritious homecooked meals. We offer hot meals three-times daily, and partner with our residents to meet their dietary restrictions and preferences and cultural practices, including Vegan and Kosher diets. We also work with our nursing, speech therapy, and nutrition departments to provide the least restrictive diet possible for every individual in consideration of their medical conditions.

What Our Residents are Saying

When asked what they appreciate most about our dining offerings, our residents most valued our:

Rotating Offerings: Multiple weekly menu offerings provide variety in options.

Diverse Menus: Latin American, Caribbean, and Asian inspired offerings, and special offerings including Sunday Roasts, Holiday Specials, and Summer Barbeques.

Buffet Style Service: Allows residents independence in their meal choices.

Alternative Options: 20+ basic comfort meals, including sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

Nutritional Consultation: Dietician-advised menu development ensures the most nutritious and least restrictive diet possible for every resident.

Daily Meal Schedule



Service Style

Alternative Options


Resident’s Room



Daily Snacks

Resident’s Room




Dining Room

Buffet Style



Dining Room

Buffet Style


24-Hour Snacks

Nourishment Station

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