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Rebekah Rehab Contact and Our Mission

Our Mission

Large enough to serve our community, small enough to care.

Over the past 50 years, the Rebekah Rehab & Extended Care Center (the Center) has been dedicated to its mission of serving minority and low-income elderly, ensuring that the quality of their lives improves as they age. Our facilities provide residents and short-term rehab patients with an elegant, modern environment on 7 ½ acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, creating a homelike atmosphere that inspires positive attitudes. Our reputation is built on delivering individualized, quality care through innovative nursing and rehabilitative programs, as well as recreational and social activities tailored to meet each resident’s unique needs. While our programs and services have evolved to adapt to the changing needs of our residents, our core values and mission remain steadfast, advocating a vision of high-quality care for all. 

Large enough to serve our community yet small enough to care, we pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between extensive resources and personalized attention. Our commitment ensures that every individual receives the comprehensive support they need, without losing the personal touch that makes each interaction meaningful. We are equipped to address a wide range of needs and provide high-quality services, while maintaining an intimate, community-focused atmosphere where every person feels valued and understood. This unique combination allows us to foster a sense of belonging and trust, making our community a place where everyone can thrive.

We value:

  • Person-centered service that improves our clients’ quality of life.
  • Quality patient care that encourages safe and cost-effective delivery of services.
  • Service to our community.
  • Accountability, responsibility, and effective resolutions.
  • Compassion, competence, professionalism, and ethics.
  • Client, family, and community education.
  • Responsiveness, adaptability, and a spirit of innovation.
  • Mutual trust, responsible communication, and confidentiality.
  • Excellence in our team, emphasized through continued learning and professional development.

Our mission builds upon the legacy of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Daughters of Rebekah, which emphasize the values of friendship, love, and truth: By embracing these timeless principles, we strive to foster a community where individuals support and uplift one another, cultivating genuine connections rooted in mutual respect and compassion. Through our various programs and initiatives, we aim to create an environment that not only honors the rich history of these fraternal orders but also adapts their core values to address contemporary challenges, ensuring that the spirit of fellowship and integrity continues to thrive in our modern world.

  • Friendship is like a golden chain that ties our hearts together.
  • Love is one of our most precious gifts, the more you give, the more you receive.
  • Truth is the standard by which we value people. It is the foundation of our society.
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